Regal Audio

Mixing and Mastering



Once your song is recorded, the instruments or sounds need to be balanced so everything has it's own place in the mix to be heard clearly without masking any other important elements of the song. Effects can help to create a sense of space and depth in the music, or to intrigue the listener. This is the most important step in taking raw recordings to a finished song.



Mastering is the art of transforming your finished mix into a final product that sounds the best it can while being loud enough to stand up against other music available in the same genre. It's also the process of sequencing a collection of songs into an album, balancing them for sonic consistency and continuity, and preparing the final files for distribution on streaming services, CDs, or vinyl.

A dedicated mix or mastering engineer has the knowledge, experience and trained ear to make informed decisions about your mix or master that emphasise the emotional impact of your music.